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Rachel & Michael Sneak Peek 


Let me introduce myself; my name is Jason Bravo, videographer for Bravo Productions.  While making videos of my children playing in the park, I realized how much more life and vibrancy videos add to enhance and capture memories versus pictures.

I began to record birthday parties for friends and family.  So many happy and satisfied 'customers' telling me how much they appreciated the videos and cherished memories I had given them.  It would be my privilege to do the same for you and your family and friends.

Let me capture your special moments on video.  See your memories come to life with Bravo Productions.

Rachael & Nick Wedding Film

Nese & Derek (Hi-Light)

Destany & Chris Hi-Light Film

Welcome Lucas Raj to the World!

Katie's Graduation (RN Degree Ceremony)

Chocholate & Art Show 

Coffee & Crawlers 4x4 Event @ Desert Rat

Business Promotionals

Phoenix Central Therapy

Book  Promotion Video


Olivia's 1st b-day party!

Xavier's 4th b-day party!

Jordynn's 6th b-day party!
Asia's 9th b-day party!

Film // Video Editor

Available for freelance and contract jobs

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Event coverage 

starts at $100/hr

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